Welcome to How To Cure Diabetes Naturally

Hello to everyone who is reading this blog. My name is Lynn and I am battling diabetes and I will be sharing how to cure diabetes naturally or (reverse diabetes). This is my story. I was diagnoses as pre-diabetic some 5 years ago, two years later I was on meds for Type 2 diabetes. This is where I will share with you what I learned about how to cure diabetes naturally by taking some natural herbs and what foods to stay away from. It will be a life style change for the most part of this process. I just want to let you know that never let anyone tell you that you can’t beat diabetes, because you can! Let me share something about myself, I was a Postal Worker (letter carrier) I was walking 10 miles a day on my route and was really in shape. I retired and the exercise I was getting was down to none. Now that is a bad thing to do. So I have to start all over from the beginning to become active again. This is a major factor to curing diabetes, the exercising, alone with changing your eating habits. In my search for the cure or reversing diabetes I found out some very important information I will be sharing with you today.

Most people who find out they are diabetic thinks they are because of what they eat. This is true but what they think causes diabetes is all wrong. The false causes are candy bars, ice cream, which are basically the sugar from all sweets. There is more to it than that. Diabetics need to stay away from the white carbs that turn into sugar. Here is to list a few carbs you need to stay away from: white sugar, white flour, honey, white potatoes, white rice, white grits, and maple syrup.

Please here are some changes a diabetic needs to make when eating correctly. There are yellow grits for you to eat instead of white grits, eat whole grains or oats, steam your vegetables’ stay away from can vegetables, leave fried foods alone, broil or bake your food. For sweeteners Stevia is the best. Other sweeteners such as splenda and sweet & low can cause heart attacks. Once you change your eating habits and exercising you are doing all the right things to start curing diabetes naturally.