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How To Lower Your A1c Level?

While these medications don’t significantly improve fasting glucose values, they still lower your a1c level because of the decrease in post-meal glucose spikes. here are six ways to lower your. So, for every one point that you lower your a1c, you’ll lower your complication risk as follows: • eye disease by 76% • nerve damage by 60% • heart attack or stroke by 57% • kidney disease by 50%. it’s important to realize that your a1c levels reflects an average of your blood sugar numbers.. Four ways to lower your a1c: lose weight. a weight loss of 10 percent of your body weight will do wonders to lower your a1c. for many people that’s 10-15 lbs. decrease your food intake by eating 1/3 of what you normally eat. make some simple changes in your food habits: cut out calorie containing drinks such as juice, soda, lattes, beer and wine.. Continue reading How To Lower Your A1c Level?

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