Why Is My Blood Sugar High In The Morning?

Commonly known reasons why your blood sugar may be high in the morning include high-carb bedtime snacks and not enough diabetes medications. yet two lesser-known reasons may be causing your morning blood sugar woes: the dawn phenomenon and the somogyi effect. these causes of high morning blood sugar levels are a result of body changes and reactions that happen while you are sleeping.. The dawn phenomenon. another cause of high morning blood sugar is the "dawn phenomenon.". in the dawn phenomenon, your body releases hormones that trigger your liver to put out glucose while you sleep. if there is not enough insulin in the body to counteract this, then blood glucose levels rise during the night, resulting in a high reading in the morning.. High blood sugar in the morning is a popular topic – it seems to stump many people. for instance, a while back i had a client sending me her blood sugar charts every few days and on those charts she always made some notes if she had questions.. every time she sent them through, i noticed she had 3 big question marks (???) against her morning readings.. Continue reading Why Is My Blood Sugar High In The Morning?

dr pedre worst vegetable scam

Dr vincent pedre, a doctor and gut and digestion expert, has listed the foods we should eat to promote beneficial gut bacteria and what we should avoid at all costs. grilled vegetables and. The best and worst foods for immunity. we talked to board-certified internist, functional medicine doctor, and author of “the happy gut,” dr. vincent pedre, health coach and author of “the real food grocery guide the benefits of cooked vegetables vs. raw, parasites in foods, food-based vs. supplement-based probiotics, why you.. Vincent pedre vegetable to avoid. oct14. if your skin is the first line of contact with the world, then your gut is the second, says dr. vincent pedre, author of happy gut: the cleansing program to help you lose weight, gain energy, and eliminate pain… dr. vincent m. pedre, medical director of pedre integrative. well there used to be one. Continue reading dr pedre worst vegetable scam

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