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There is also a lot of focus on the psychosomatic element of gut issues, and dr pedre really touches on the negative impact of stress, and suggests various methods to deal with this on a daily basis, so that your gut is allowed to heal in peace…

Dr vincent pedre worst vegetable oct 16 if your skin is the first line of contact with the world, then your gut is the second, says dr. vincent pedre, author of happy gut: the cleansing program to help you lose weight, gain energy, and eliminate pain. dr. vincent m. pedre, medical director of pedre integrative health.these are considered toxic.. vincent m. pedre, m.d. gut health specialist.

Vincent pedre is an integrative and functional medicine doctor whose mission is to help people understand what their gut issues are and restore them back to health by themselves. he himself battled from gut issues which went on for years until he found functional medicine….