Foods With Lecithin List

List: foods with a low gi. a low glycemic index is referred to when the value is below 50. however, some nutritionists also divide foods into a dried way: then the low gi ends at about 30, the middle one at about 70 and everything above it has a high gi. in this table you will find many foods that have a glycemic index below 50..

You may have seen lecithin on a list of ingredients or assumed it was a man-made chemical concoction similar to those hard-to-pronounce ingredients often found in many processed foods today.. in fact, lecithin is a powerful superfood that is essential for proper brain function, and it is used by every single cell in your body. while you might not want to fuel your brain using the lecithin in.

Lecithin’s lipid substances, including choline and ps, can improve your brain’s functional pathways. 6. phosphatidylserine foods – milk products. there are many other food sources of phosphatidylserine that don’t have as much as some other foods on this list. fda states that small amounts of ps can be found in milk products..