Healthy Diabetes Diet Tips

Healthy ways to eat fruit. small steps can make a big difference in your blood sugar levels. be sure to: watch your portion sizes, especially with dried fruit.two tablespoons of raisins have the.

Learn the keys to healthy eating. knowing what to eat can be confusing. everywhere you turn, there is news about what is or isn’t good for you. but a few basic tips have withstood the test of time. regardless of what cuisine you prefer, here’s what all healthy eating plans have in common. they include: fruits and vegetables.

Type 2 diabetes occurs over time, and involves problems getting enough sugar (glucose) into the cells of the body. (the cells use the sugar for fuel/energy.) sugar (glucose) is the preferred fuel for muscle and brain cells, but it requires insulin to transport it into cells for use.; when insulin levels are low, and the sugar can’t get into the cells where it is supposed to be, it leads to.