Lectins And Fruit

I highly recommend starting with marigold bars’ lectin-free sampler pack. get 10% off with promo code hfb10. fruit. avocado; all berries in season (berries are natural lectin blockers); kiwis; resistant starches. these are great for your microbiome, but eat them in moderation..

Lectins are proteins that bind to carbohydrate molecules and have a variety of important functions in animals, plants, and humans. for instance. they play a role in protecting plants against external pathogens, such as – fungi, and other organisms. when consumed in excess by sensitive people, lectins can cause the following physiological.

The lectin-free diet was developed by steven gundry, m.d., a former cardiothoracic surgeon at california’s loma linda university medical center and the founder of the center for restorative medicine in palm springs, california.gundry believes lectins are responsible for numerous physical discomforts, and that they also may cause leaky gut syndrome, where holes develop between the cells lining.