Lectins And Prediabetes

Certain fruits and vegetables like legumes, rhubarb, and spinach contain things like phytates, lectins, and polyphenols (often called anti-nutrients) that decrease gi by slowing down digestion time. other components of the meal. what you eat alongside a fruit or vegetable can change the glycemic response for that meal..

Overview. chondromalacia patella is a condition of the knee, where the articular cartilage situated behind the knee softens and wears out. bones now rub against one another causing friction and pain. it is also referred to as runner’s knee. this deterioration of the cartilage happens due to overworking of the knee as in the case of sportspersons, and among older adults due to arthritis..

Myocardial infarction (mi) is the condition in which insufficient blood flows to the heart (or a part of the heart) and causes damage to the cardiac muscles. it is characterized by chest pain and discomfort and may lead to an acute shortness of breath..