Lectins Food Chart

Why food is cooked by: anonymous why it is best to saute’ (quick fry), steam, boil or otherwise cook food. all foods that we eat have lectins in them. many lectins are the plant’s natural pesticides that keep insects and animals from eating them all gone. many lectins are poisonous to insects, animals and humans – even in all of the food we eat..

Facts. by the time they reach 3 years of age, 75% of children would have suffered from at least one episode of otitis media. passive smoking, weak immune system, not being breastfed, and a familial history of auditory canal infections can increase the likelihood of otitis media..

Lectins are active proteins in bananas that act on cancer cells and suppress cell proliferation (multiplication). this, in turn, reduces cancer propagation and metastasis. (5) weight loss. apples are considered an essential food during weight loss and diets. this is because apples have a low energy level and are rich in dietary fibers, which.