Nuts Without Lectins

Steven gundry, m.d., made waves in 2017 when he released the plant paradox, a book that made the assertion that some of the health world’s favorite foods—staples like quinoa and squash—were high in a gut-irritating, inflammatory protein called, he’s back with the plant paradox cookbook, which opens with a dive into lectins and the science behind gundry’s recommended diet before.

Nuts and seeds high in lectins. besides seeds, it’s – strictly speaking – legumes such as peanuts and cashews that are exceptionally high in lectins: pumpkin seeds; vinegar (without added sugar) herbs and spices (not chili) mustard; pepper; sea salts (pink himalayan, celtic, redmond) miso;.

Nuts provide a wonderful plant-based protein, but you have to know which are the highest protein nuts, and which are the lowest carb nuts. this protein in nuts and seeds chart shows you exactly how many grams of protein, how many grams of fat, how many grams of net carbs, and how many calories are in nuts and seeds.. plus there are 15 delicious recipes that use high-protein seeds and high.