The prebiothrive reviews show that you should not buy this product. it has shown to cause bloating and extreme discomfort while providing no results whatsoever. no one should risk their life and health over fake scientific claims which gundry makes to sell these supplements. people hate dr. steven gundry & his fake claims.

Polyphenol dark spot diminisher by gundry md is a skincare product which the company states uses a proprietary polyphenol extract formula to minimize the appearance of dark spots on the skin.. there are a number of factors that lead to the formation of dark spots and other blemishes on the skin. the most common is from prolonged exposure to harmful uv rays from the sun..

Nephrolithiasis [1], known as kidney stones, is formed when urine has higher mineral levels than usual.the ph level of urine and concentration of excess substances such as uric acid, calcium, phosphorus, oxalate, and cystine can cause kidney stones..