Three So Called Super Foods You Should Never Eat

This is exactly what i’ve been dealing with! i had a mild case of covid-19 back in april and since mid september i can barely eat anything. eggs, meats, garlic, beans, onions, chocolate, coffee, rice, nuts, most dairy products including butter, some breads and noodles, and some fruits and veggies all taste and smell rotten or like garbage..

In general, most foods high in calcium are types of dairy, so it’s best to avoid foods like cheese and cow’s milk. "cancer is often linked to inflammation, and so i would recommend avoiding inflammatory foods," says dr. latisha rowe, family medicine physician in houston, texas, and founder of national telemedicine network the rowe docs ..

From red to white, light to full-bodied, there are many different varieties of wine that are perfect for both casual meals and more elaborate how to use wine as a cooking ingredient and get started with these delicious recipes.. red wine. red wine is probably the most well-known wine to be used as a cooking ingredient..