What Are The Three Superfoods To Avoid

Most of us cannot start the day without a fresh cup of coffee, and there’s no reason not to, considering that studies show that coffee can actually prevent concerning health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, and heart failure. however, it is best to avoid sugar-loaded or cream-rich coffee and instant coffee that contains unhealthy additives..

Eat these and never feel old. each of the foods on this list is packed with one or more crucial age-reversing nutrients; not just the vitamins and minerals you’re already aware of, but lesser-known (and utterly crucial) nutrients with names you might not have heard before, including healthy fats, hard-to-find antioxidants like elegiac acid, and youth-preserving compounds like nitric oxide..

In one study, eating just five omega-3 enriched eggs per week for three weeks reduced triglycerides by 16–18% (34, 35). summary omega-3 enriched and pastured eggs may contain significant amounts.