Which Fish Contains Lectins

Excerpt adapted from blue zones kitchen by dan buettner, which captures the way of eating that yielded the statistically longest-lived people and explains, in some detail, why that food has enabled populations to elude the chronic disses scourge that has befallen americans.. n one of the blue zones centenarians i’ve ever met tried to live to 100. no one said at age 50, “you know what, i.

It all has to do with the way that certain lectins—proteins in your food—react with your blood. the b positive blood type diet and the b negative blood type diet follow the same recommendations. the following foods contain lectins that react badly with b blood. they can cause weight gain and disease among b positive and b negative people. wheat.

Jatropha is a genus of flowering plants in the spurge family, euphorbiaceae.the name is derived from the greek words ἰατρός (iatros), meaning "physician", and τροφή (trophe), meaning "nutrition", hence the common name physic nut.another common name is nettlespurge. it contains approximately 170 species of succulent plants, shrubs and trees (some are deciduous, like jatropha curcas)..